Credit status

Each member of the credit scheme of payments has their own status defined by their credit history:

  • - took credits and repaid all of them
  • - took credits and the repayment period is not yet over
  • - never taken any credit before (no credit history)
  • - did not repay the credit on time

To view the credit status of any member of the WebMoney Transfer system go to the "correspondent details" window and switch to the "Passport" tab. Note: the icons provided above are used in Credit exchange.

Credit status allows creditors to better analyze the information about debtors before granting credits, including via credit exchange.

WebMoney members can limit the circle of their potencial borrowers, specifying the requirements to their credit status.

To do this, start the WM Keeper and go to the "Settings" menu. Then switch to the "Credits" tab and select the client credit status (ex. Keeper WinPro and Keeper WebPro). Invoices for payment on credit can not be issued to the client, whose credit status is worse than the required one. In that case there is a warning message "User's credit status does not meet the requirements".