Credit transactions

The WebMoney Transfer system supports the credit scheme of payments. By using it WebMoney Transfer members can purchase goods and services with an extension of payment (to the credit) or provide payment extensions to other members.

The amount and the terms of the extended payment are automatically registered by the system in the transactions history of the creditor and debtor and the system controls the timely repayment of extended payment.

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In case you fail to repay the credit (make payments within the agreed term) and only in the case when the loan was made via credit exchange, the Verification Centre can prepare and send by special post the package of certified documents acknowledging transactions under the corresponding loan agreement, certification documents of the Creditor and Debtor and other accompanying documents. The package, as a rule, consists of the following documents:

  • Agreement on a loan of title units
  • Copy of WebMoney Transfer transactions log
  • Application of the Creditor for receiving the WebMoney Transfer certificate
  • Application of the Debtor for receiving the WebMoney Transfer certificate
  • Photocopy of Creditor's passport
  • Photocopy of Debtor's passport
  • Agreement on the Property Rights Transfer in digital title units
  • Credit Service Terms of Use
  • Reference about types of title units supported by WebMoney Transfer
  • WebMoney Transfer Code

All documents are certified, privileged by witnesses and are acknowledged by the corresponding agreements. The cost of the package is 50 WMZ. You pay for the package after receiving all the documents. The time needed to prepare the package is 35 working days.

To receive the package of documents specified above you have to send a message to the Verification Centre WMID#464889785562 in which you have to specify the following:

  • Debtor's WMID;
  • The number of the loan agreement on which the conditions were violated. Pay attention that you need to specify exactly the number of the Loan agreement which was accepted by the Creditor and the Debtor on the arbitration service web-site. If you do not remember the number of your loan agreement, navigate to this page (authorization is required) and find the contract that corresponds to your Agreement;
  • Your full post address and contact phone number.

The sender of the message must use the Creditor's WMID.
Requests for preparing documents packages are temporarily not accepted.