WebMoney OpenID

WebMoney OpenID is a feature of the WM Keeper software used for logging onto sites that support the OpenID technology. LiveJournal.com uses OpenID along with many other popular web-sites.

The OpenID for WebMoney users has the form {WMID}.wmkeeper.com

Users of WM Keeper WinPro versions and higher can quickly copy their WebMoney OpenID to the clipboard as follows: right-click on the ant by the clock → Copy to Clipboard → OpenID

The advantages of OpenID from WebMoney:
  • Unlike some past providers WebMoney is a very robust and reliable system with more than a decade of continuous operation. There is very little chance of WebMoney ceasing operation.
  • In order to gain authorization, the OpenID user is often asked to provide additional information. The requested information may include an e-mail address, name or even a date of birth. Not all OpenID providers possess such information about their users. However thanks to the WM passport (even an alias passport is sufficient) WebMoney always has this information instantly available.
  • Easily blocks attempts to “phish” for your private information.
  • Delegation