WMK Protocol

This section describes the interface through which you send certain commands to WM Keeper WinPro: refresh data, show window, send message, and so on.

The syntax for this protocol is externally reminiscent of mailto syntax:

WMK protocol commands have the following format:

Certain parameters can be applied to all WMK protocol commands. Below is a list of these parameters.

Parameter name Values Description
WMID 12-digit WMID The command will be processed only for the copy of WebMoney Keeper in which you logged into the indicated WMID (if multiple copies are open). If this parameter is not specified, the command will be processed for all running WebMoney Keeper copies.
BringToFront Y or N If the value is set to Y, the WebMoney Keeper window will be displayed in front of all other windows after the command is executed.
ExecEvenKeeperIsOffline Y or N By default, WMK commands are executed only in online mode. If this parameter is set to Y, then the command will be processed even in offline mode.

List of commands supported by WebMoney Keeper WinPro versions and higher: