Saving WM Keeper WinPro key file

1 In WM Keeper and later the private key is saved in E-num and the main method to log into WMID is E-num authorization based on SMS challenge-response. Earlier versions were based on compulsory private key generation.

2 But if at the end of the registration process you receive a message as it is shown in the picture below:

Meaning that you have already signed for a E-num account before, you must create a backup copy of your key to be able to access your WMID. After typing an activation code on the security website, you will be prompted to create a backup up copy of your key as it is shown below:

Please click Yes and save your key on a removable disk, create a passphrase to your key file (make sure to remember this passphrase or save it in a secure place. You can create different password phrase for every backup copy you create or use always the same).

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