Receiving documents on a debt on DebtMart

As a rule the procedures for returning debts using obligations registered in the DebtMart exchange require documented confirmation of the right of claim to the debts.

These documents, signed by the analogue of the debtor's personal signature and the processing service (Paymer) are submitted to the DebtMart exchange at the request of the debt's owner.

Once the documents are received the debt is no longer circulated on the Exchange and it cannot be re-registered or re-sold.

To order documents go to the Debts page . Then open the context menu using the button in the far-right column, and in the line corresponding to the debt for which you need to receive documents, go to the page with a detailed description by pressing "Details".

On the page that opens in the section "Actions with the debt" press "Request".

Then confirm your intention by pressing "Proceed".

From then on the debt shifts to the "Preparing documents" status and stops being circulated on the exchange, and you receive the number and code of the Paymer check.

It takes time to prepare the documents, and when they are ready, the status of the debt changes to "Documents ready" and links to download the following data appear on the debt's page:

  • Document on the issue of the Paymer debt (Issuer's obligation) - a document signed by the debtor when receiving funds through the Debt Service;
  • Document on the check's balance (Obligation on the submitted check) — a document showing which share of the total debtor's obligation belongs to the owner of the obligation. It is signed by the WMID of the Paymer service (see the example);
  • Electronic copies of the debtor's passport and their request to receive a passport (if these documents are present in the Verification Centre).

You can also receive documents on debts, including in xml format, in the Paymer service site (see the instructions).

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