Posting public requests to buy debts

Only WebMoney members who are registered in the service as collectors can post public requests to buy debts at the Debt Mart Exchange.

A public request to buy a debt does not obligate a collector to buy the debts that meet the terms of their request. The parameters of a public request (the payment percentage, the debt amount, the debtor's place of residence, etc.) only limit the range of purchase requests that can be submitted for review to a collector by debt owners.

To post a request a collector should go to the Debts page. Then in the "Public requests" section, press "Post request".

Next enter the parameters of the request, indicating the following information (the required fields are highlighted in yellow):

  • Payment percentage - the portion of the total amount of the obligation for which you plan to purchase a debt;
  • The maximum amount of obligations you plan to purchase;
  • A short description of the request (in this field you can specify the URL of the collection agency);
  • The minimal passport level of the debtors whose obligations will be accepted for review;
  • The debtors' country of residence (you can enter several names, separated by a comma or space);
  • The debtors' city of residence you can enter several names, separated by a comma or space);
  • The debtors' status (physical and/or legal persons).

To finish press "Save".

A request to purchase debts is published immediately after it is saved in the Bid offers section.

You can edit or delete a request using commands in the context menu that pops up by pressing the button in the right column of the table.

A purchase request is published on the page with the detailed description of each obligation that meets its terms.

The owner of this obligation can submit it for review to a collector.

The collector can create an unlimited number of requests, specifying for each of them the specific parameters of the debtors whose obligations they plans to purchase.

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