New bids list for current wmid

This api allows to receive information about new bids of the specific WMID.

|*name*|*purpose*|*comments*| | wmid | Signer's WMID | WMID from which a new bid will be placed.| | signstr | Request signature. |132-digits digital signature (by .kwm keys of the wmid) encoding the value of three tags of the request, pulled together in one line without spaces, "wmid + type + queryid" | | type| request type | ◦ 0 - return only non-processed bids
◦ 1 - return processed but not exchanged bids( that are still under exchange)
◦ 2 - return only exchanged bids
◦ 3 - return all bids | | queryid| optional field | id of the new bid belonging to WMID, which data/details are to be returned, if the parameter is not indicated, then last 100 bids of this WMID are returned | |pursetype_id|purse type|can accept values that correspond to the type of purse:
◦ Z - 0
◦ T - 75
◦ F - 76
◦ H - 77
◦ X - 78
◦ G - 79
◦ L - 93
◦ K - 95
◦ E - 98

if this parameter is in presence so only applications of specified type are returned.
Corresponds to parameter pursetype_id from Exchanger WMID Balance|
capitallerwmid optional field if Capitaller’s WMID is being transferred in this field ( the exchange bid on behalf of capitallerwmid may be set under this request. In this case there must be an access for WMID which signs the request which is described at Capitaller’s Impersonalization page.
  • Response format:
<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>
    <WMExchnagerQuerys wmid=""" type="">
        <query id="" exchtype="" state="" amountin="" amountout="" inoutrate="" outinrate="" initamountin="" inpurse="" outpurse="" querydatecr="" querydate="" direction="" exchamountin="" exchamountout=""></query>
  • Response parameters
Name Purpose Description
retval Execution code "0" means that the request was executed successfully. Check the execution code table for detailed information;
retdesc Execution code description error description in case retval tag is not 0
query query information infoamtion abount bid
id attribute - reference number of the new bid for exchange
exchtype attribute - exchange direction
state attribute - current status of the bid
◾0 - bid not processed
◾1 - processed, under exchange
◾2 - exchanged completely
◾3 - combined with new bid
◾4 - removed, funds not returned
◾5 - removed, funds retruned
amountin attribute - remaining amount in WM to be exchanged
amountout attribute - remaining amount in WM to be received in current bid
inoutrate attribute - direct exchange rate for the current bid
outinrate attribute - reverse exchange rate for the current bid
inpurse attribute - Purse, from which the bid was processed
outpurse attribute - purse to receive exchanged funds
querydatecr attribute - bid application date
querydate attribute - date of bid’s last change
direction attribute - exchange direction
exchamountin attribute
exchamountout attribute
capitallerwmid Capitaller’s WMID
  • Example
<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>
    <signstr>93da4e0b08f4a5be0f510c5fa44d347fa9472c0ce1587df3c199f81c6d28815bb4e66b70da44edabaad32413664a97ef45714166b9d20494a9804de4f356822e036c    </signstr>

<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>
    <WMExchnagerQuerys wmid=\"500000000008\" type=\"1\">
        <query id=\"27754314\" exchtype=\"2\" state=\"1\" amountin=\"12343,24\" amountout=\"213,55\" inoutrate=\"57,7824\" outinrate=\"0,0173\" initamountin=\"578,98\" inpurse=\"R300000000006\" outpurse=\"Z200000000006\" querydatecr=\"20.01.2018 0:08:23\" querydate=\"20.01.2018 11:36:13\" direction=\"WME-WMZ\" exchamountin=\"0\" exchamountout=\"0\"></query>