Contact's restrictions

The type of restrictions acts regarding user’s contacts.

WebMoney Keeper as an operation method of managing e-purses allows you to restrict receiving following types of transactions:

Since all mentioned restrictions are separated, you can enable different combination of them for each contact of your list.
Herewith, if you use different types of WebMoney Keeper in order to manage your e-purses of a single WMID, all the established settings in one WebMoney Keeper will be valid for all the others WebMoney Keeper.

There are two kind of restrictions:

  • General - extend on all unauthorized users;
  • Individual - only applies to a particular user from the contact list.

General restrictions establishes in the respective setting section of WebMoney Keeper.

While adding new user in the contact list all the contact's restrictions are disabled by default.

Individual restrictions can be set up in the properties section of a selected user.

Same section represent restrictions of the selected user regarding you. (Users of WM Keeper WinPro and WM Keeper WebPro has an option to disable an operation confirmation for a regular and trusted contact.)

Request to change present restrictions

All types of WebMoney Keeper allows you a request to another user pursuing authorization or removing mentioned restrictions.

Request will be received by the end user regardless his constraints to obtain messages from you.

WebMoney Keeper applications offer you that opportunity while:

  • Adding new user in your contact list;
  • Trying to perform a forbidden transaction;
  • Looking through properties section of a selected user.