Connecting WebMoney Keeper Pro

Members of the System have the ability to manage their purses from mobile devices based on Android OS, Apple iOS and Windows UWP (Windows 10 and 11 operating systems versions 17763.0 and later are supported) using the application WebMoney Keeper Pro.

Members of WebMoney Transfer System using WM Keeper Standard can also use this app, but first you need to change the operation mode to WebMoney Keeper WebPro or WebMoney Keeper WinPro.

In this article, let's look at connecting an app using the example of the Android operating system (connecting an app on iOS and Windows UWP is the same way).

Connecting WebMoney Keeper Pro to your existing registration WM Keeper WebPro or WM Keeper WinPro is performed in 2 steps:

Download and install WebMoney Keeper Pro application

Login to the WebMoney Keeper WebPro app by login and password

Login to the WebMoney Keeper Pro app by Qr code

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