Attempt to enter from the blocked IP-address

“Attempt to enter from the blocked IP-address” message.

This message means that you have enabled IP blocking at, and now your IP-address has changed and is currently out of the list of allowed IP-addresses.

When enabling blocking, users specify an IP address (or an IP address range) and the e-mail. After IP blocking is enabled, WM Keeper WinPro can be launched only from the computers, whose IP addresses are included in the specified range. WM Keeper WebPro can also be used only from the specified addresses.

When attempting to enter from a blocked IP address the message containing unblocking instructions is sent to the email you specified. The email subject is: Blocked IP security notification.

If you were sent a message about attempting to enter from the blocked address while launching WM Keeper WinPro or WM Keeper WebPro, but you did not receive the email:

  1. You may have specified another email; please, check all your email boxes.
  2. It might be that the unblocking instructions email has been captured by mail filters and was not delivered to you. In this case, try to enter WM Keeper WinPro or WM Keeper WebPro again a couple of times, and check your email boxes again. The email is sent every time this message is returned.
  3. You may have mistyped the email when setting the blocking.

If in the settings on the site you set receiving the unblock code on your phone, you can go to the code entry form via the link contained in the message of the WM Keeper program. The following is an example of a message issued by WM Keeper WinPro:

WebMoney users which have an E-num account and have enabled the option of E-num authorization in websites as well can disable IP-blocking by authorizing with on the Security Service website and clicking on the corresponding link in case they have not received an unblocking code by SMS or email.

If you fail to solve the problem using the above methods please send a query to WebMoney Technical Support and explain the situation.
If you remember what email you have specified please send the message from this email.
If you do not you may choose any email to start with.
In this case, please specify, which email addresses you might have specified for blocking.

Please make sure you have specified your WMID in the email.