Withdrawal of funds from WMX purses

The WMX adding and withdrawal service allows WebMoney participants to withdraw WMX title unit from the system, i.e., transfer their BTC from storage to Bitcoin wallets.

To withdraw WMX, you should go to the relevant service page, enter the withdrawal amount (1 WMX = 0.001 BTC), the withdrawal address, and click the "Send" button.

After the service generates an invoice for payment

you need to go to your WebMoney Keeper and pay the invoice (see the payment example).
After receipt of funds, a transaction will be formed

To complete the transfer, you need to wait for at least six confirmations.
You can obtain the transfer details in the Bitcoin system by clicking on the link with the transaction number (it appears after receiving the first confirmation)

A new tab (window) will be opened in the browser with the details of the transaction in progress.

After receiving the required number of confirmations, the funds will be deposited to the Bitcoin wallet.

All payments made through the WMX input-output service are displayed in the Operations history section.

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