WMX adding and withdrawal service

The service ensures storage and transfer of rights of BTC crypto tokens (which belongs to Bitcoin electronic system) as well as their accounting in WMX title units with the exchange rate of 1 WMX = 0.001 BTC.

INDX Transactions LTD Company is the Guarantor of WMX title units with conditions of use being described in offer (Storage agreement) which is accepts by a member of the system while creating an X type purse. BTC storage rights are verified in the form of deposits to the recipient’s X-purses equivalent to the sum of WMX acceptance receipts.

The Guarantor will deposit the WMX to the purse owner after receiving six or more confirmations on the bitcoin.org P2P database verifying made transfers of BTC to the addresses provided by the Guarantor.

The Guarantor will accept any Bitcoin amounts for storage, but will deposit WMX only in amounts exceeding 0.0001 BTC.

Only BTC of the amount exceeding 1.00 WMX can be returned from the storage. For the return from storage transaction, you need to set the service fee yourself. The service fee varies depending on the current BitCoin transaction fees but not less than 0.0003 BTC and not greater than 0.010 BTC. The transaction FeeRate, which is the ratio of the transaction fee in BTC to its size in kB, directly depends on the selected commission. The higher the FeeRate, the quicker your transaction will be confirmed by the Bitcoin network. The Guarantor undertakes the responsibility to forward your transaction into the Bitcoin network with the FeeRate which is no less than the one selected by you.

It is an obligatory to take account of transactions features of Bitcoin network while working in the service.

Service address: wmx.wmtransfer.com

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