Withdrawal funds from WM purse to cryptocurrency

Withdrawing funds to a crypto wallet via the Guarantor.

You can withdraw funds from a WM-purse of any type (WMZ , WME , WMK , WMG ) to a Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, USDT, Ethereum or Litecoin crypto wallet through the appropriate Guarantor in the WebMoney system.

1. Create a purse for the desired type of cryptocurrency in WM Keeper:

  • WMT for USDT
  • WMX for Bitcoin
  • WMF for Ethereum
  • WML for Litecoin
  • WMH for Bitcoin Cash

2. Exchange your WM title units on the WM Exchanger or by instant exchange via the WM Keeper menu. For example, if you have funds in your Z-purse and plan to withdraw them to a USDT wallet, then exchange WMZ title units to WMT.

3. On the website of the corresponding Guarantor, register a withdrawal to your crypto wallet:

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