WebMoney Transfer fee

WebMoney Transfer charges the fee of 0.8% of the payment amount for every transaction, but not less than 0.01 WM.

For payments in WMV - not less than 500 WMV
For payments in WMY - not less than 100 WMY

Maximum fee doesn’t exceed:

WebMoney Transfer does not charge a fee for transactions between purses of the same type and belonging to the same WMID.

When transactions (transfer of funds, payments via merchant.webmoney.ru, etc) are confirmed via sms, the minimum WebMoney fee is increased to:

  • 0,05 WMZ,
  • 0,10 WMB,
  • 0,05 WME,
  • 0,01 WMX,
  • 9,00 WMK,
  • 1 000 WMV,
  • 0,01 WMG
  • 0,1 WMH
  • 0,5 WML
  • 300 WMY

Thus, if you wish to send 1 WMZ, you will be charged 0,05 WMZ, and if you send 100 WMZ you will be charged 0.8 WMZ (or 0.8% , as usual)

Owners of D purses are charged the fee of 0.1% of the amount of each credit they provide in the course of credit transactions, but not less than 0.01 WMZ.