WebMoney Advisor

WebMoney Advisor is a web-browser add-on developed for users of the WebMoney Transfer system. A tool to analyze traffic, publish reviews and determine global and WebMoney site rankings. WebMoney Advisor is integrated into the interface of your browser Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome and Opera (coming soon) as a special toolbar.

WebMoney Advisor performs the following functions:
  • constant monitoring of websites opened in the browser and whether they belong to the community of WebMoney internet resources;
  • warning the user before navigating to a malicious (unsafe) web-site;
  • allowing the user to leave a comment about any web-site;
  • integrated with the Memo bookmark manager (a bookmarking service that allows bookmarks, notes, RSS-content to be saved so they can be available on a different device).

Download WebMoney Advisor

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WebMoney Advisor web-site: http://advisor.wmtransfer.com and https://advisor.web.money/en

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