Tips for connecting to WM Keeper WinPro

In online mode, the WM Keeper WinPro program establishes a connection with the system certification sever through TCP port 2802. The message "Unable to establish connection with certification center" means that this port has been closed on your computer and that you need to open it.

Check access to certification server through TCP port 2802:

To do this, in the Windows menu click Start-Run, type "cmd", click OK, and then in the opened window enter telnet (IP-address of the certification server) 2802 and press "Enter" button.

A window will open with a blank screen.

When you press Enter button in the window there should be a message about loss of connection.

If there is no connection, there will be a message on impossibility of connection, or when you press Enter button the cursor will move without giving any messages.

If when you check access to certification server through TCP port 2802 you get the error "telnet is not an internal or external command", it means that you have a windows service disabled telnet server.

To enable telnet server service in windows, follow these steps:

Start->Control Panel->Programs and Features->Turn Windows features on or off->choose Telnet Client item->ОК

For more information how to enabling the telnet server service you can be found here

If you are using your computer at home, the port has probably been closed by a firewall.
If you are using a work computer for access, consult your system administrator.
If you have a proxy server (if your computer uses it for internet access), then it should be set to two-way transmission: allowing both packets from your computer to the certification servers and in the reverse direction.

At present the certification servers have the domain names, IP адреса:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, IP адреса:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, IP адреса:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, IP адреса:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The WM Keeper WinPro program does not have a built-in proxy client, so when working through a proxy server you must use a separate proxy client program. Such programs can be provided both as part of the proxy server or separately.

Depending on the type and version, the proxy server may require different settings. Additionally, in some cases it can be impossible to configure the proxy server (because of lack of access to it, for example). The solution for the problem in such cases is to use programs which allow you to bypass proxy servers: WinGate, Kerio FireWall 5.1.x or UserGate 3.0.

Below you will find instructions on setting up various proxy-servers and software:

If the test gave a positive result (opens a blank black window and after pressing any key on the screen appeared a message saying that the connection is lost), and the Keeper does not connect, also try to do the following: locate the file called "hosts" ( no extension). For this purpose, in WindowsNT/2000 it is located in the directory System32/drivers/etc, in Windows9x - in the root directory of the system. In Windows9x instead of the hosts file may only be a hosts file.sam. In this case create a hosts file and copy the contents of the hosts file.sam.

Add to the end of the file, such data:

if the "hosts" file not there, create it and insert the above line.

If it doesn't change the situation with the Keeper:

  • to try reinstalling the program
  • to check your firewalls and proxy servers (if any) on the subject of locks on the port
  • to contact your ISP (or system administrator) subject to the restrictions on the passage of packets on TCP port 2802. (restrictions in both directions along the length of the packet, etc.).