Configuring WinGate proxy server

WinGate — is a proxy server that provides connection to the Internet, Internet data caching and built-in protection against Internet attacks (firewall).

WinGate 3 is controlled and customized with GateKeeper, a remote administration tool.

Below you will find step-by-step instructions about how to install and configure the software in order to use WMKeeper on your computer.

The settings below are for WinGate version 4.0.1. To make WM work via WinGate you have to carry out the following

1. Open GateKeeper and create a new service: New service->TCP Mapping Service. A window will appear prompting you to complete its fields as follows:

2. Then fill out the fields under the other tabs as shown below:

3. Set a time-out according to the speed of your channel (a higher value is necessary for slow data transmission speeds):

You do not need to change the settings in Policies, Encryption, Connection, and Logging;

Create a HOSTS file for the client with the following content: localhost # name of the verification center WebMoney Keeper for WinGate