Removing the new bid

There is XML-API implemented in the section allows deleting new bid, belonging to specific WMID with return remaining (not exchanged) funds back to the account.

<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>
  • JSON Request format:
  • Request parameters:
name purpose comments
wmid Signer's WMID WMID from which a new bid will be placed.
signstr Request signature. 132-digits digital signature (by .kwm keys of the wmid) encoding the value of three tags of the request, pulled together in one line without spaces, "wmid + operid"
operid number of a new bid placed by WMID to which it is necessary to delete
capitallerwmid optional field if Capitaller’s WMID is being transferred in this field ( the exchange bid on behalf of capitallerwmid may be set under this request. In this case there must be an access for WMID which signs the request which is described at Capitaller’s Impersonalization page.
  • XML Response format:
<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>
  • JSON Response format:
  • Response parameters
Name Purpose Description
retval Execution code "0" means that the request was executed successfully. Check the execution code table for detailed information
retdesc Execution code description error description in case retval tag is not 0
  • Example
<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>


<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>
  • Execution/Error Codes
Code Description
-10 The client wmid is not specified
-11 Error occurred during the signature verification, tag signstr
-12 Error when specifying the bid number which needs to be deleted (wrong format of bid number)
-14 Signature verification failed.%Str%
-15 Error - Failed loading XML with query parameters
1 The bid that you have chosen to change the rate is not found, it may have already been deleted or fully redeemed
2 An attempt to re-apply for a remote application was made, please wait for transaction.
22 This bid currently hold for exchange operation, you should try once againe after 30 seconds
41 Result return error, try again
51 Error occurred (database level), descrition:
128 Error occurred (unknown)