Registrar passport

A Registrar WM-Passport has the highest status compared to other WM-Passports issued to WebMoney Transfer members.
Registrar WM-Passport can be issued only to Persona WM-Passport holders if following requirements are met.

Requirements for Registrar WM-Passport issuance:

  • applicant age must be above 25 years
  • no less than 3 years since receiving of Personal passport
  • business level not less that 100
  • office premises (personal or rent) availiablity, which has open access for applicants to conduct interview and to submit WM-Passport issuane documents
  • interview with a representative of the Verification Center (in the format of a video interview or in person in Moscow, Russian Federation)
  • payment of an application fee for obtaining of the WM-Passport in amount of 100 WMZ
  • guarantee deposit in total amount of 3000 WMZ

A Registrar WM-Passport holder can act as an arbitrator of the Arbitration Service.

Before you contact WM-Passport Service Center, you need to read carefully "Contract of Delegation" and "WebMoney Transfer Passport issuance Regulations" (those documents can be found here If there are no more questions left, after reading those documents, and the whole point of WM-Passport issuance procedure is clear, you may contact WM-Passport Service Center administrator with query for Registrar WM-Passport issuance, where you need to specify the city where you can provide issuance services. It is necessary to discuss terms of personal meeting with WM-Passport Service administrator beforehand.