MassPayment Service

The MassPayment Service ( allows a WebMoney user to quickly perform a large number of payments to the purses of other WebMoney users, including the purses of service providers (Internet access, cell phone operators, TV, and others; click here for a complete list). Service providers can sign up for the service, in order to receive payments from clients in the acceptance-free (automatic) mode.

This service is convenient because the number of performed transactions is practically unlimited but the time spent by the user is minimized. Just create a job – a list of payments to be made – and save it to a file (which must be 4 MB or smaller). Then upload this file to the service website for payment at the appropriate time. The service will automatically make payments according to the list in the job.

Note that job amounts must be at least (the exception are batches with 5 or less payments):

  • 0,5 WMZ;
  • 0,0011 WMG;
  • 0.5 WMK;
  • 0,70 WME;
  • 0,50 WMB;
  • 1 WMT;
  • 1 WMF;
  • 1 WML;
  • 1 WMH.

This does not apply to jobs of up to five payments.

To take advantage of the mass payment service sign in at and select a payment type:

  • payment to the purses of other WebMoney users;
  • top-up payments to user accounts with cell phone and Internet providers.

The mass payment website then displays formats for creating the job file. Here we present the creation of a job file in Excel:

for payments to purses use the following format:


for payment through service providers use the following format:


When saving the file ("Save As…"), select the "CSV (Comma delimited)( *.csv)" file format.

On the site, select the "Load New Batch" tab. Select the direction of transfer, specify the previously created file, and click the "Next" button:

To enjoy all the benefits of mass payments you must include the WMID 865974653293 in the list of WMIDs entrusted to transfer funds and check the balance on your purses. To do so go to “entrust with debits»”.

To perform payment, click the "Next" button.