Logging in to sites using WebMoney Keeper WinPro

WM Keeper WinPro can be used as a convenient means for logging into sites supporting WM authentication.

These sites can receive WMID from users either independently using a special ActiveX control (wmacceptor.dll) and a script on the site login page (all WM sites before January 2008) or using the Authorization service.

Beginning with version, site login is available for all browsers (ActiveX support was required previously), though another restriction was introduced, one which 99.9% of users may not even notice: only one software instance (the first started instance) can be used to log in to sites.

This restriction was somewhat inconvenient for those who needed to use multiple WMIDs at a time.

For this reason, version introduced the ability to choose the WMID with which you wish to log on to a site, allowing you to "switch" the software instance with the necessary WMID to site login mode.

The procedure is quite easy:

1 Find the program icon with the WMID you want in the system tray.

2 Right-click the icon

3 and in the resulting menu, enable "Login to the sites as WMID…"

The Keepers that you can’t use to log into sites have dimmed icons in the system tray

Sometimes for technical reasons situations arise where the only launched instance of a program is detected as inactive, and therefore attempting to enter a protected area generates an authentication error. If this happens, carry out the instructions described above to switch the opened WMID into active mode and wait until the program icon displays its status as active.