Loan repayment by the lender based on a trust limit

Just like the debtor the lender can at any time initiate the repayment of funds taken from them based on a trust limit. To view the granted loans based on an open trust limit, log into the Debt service site (, and go to the "I trust" - "Loans" tab.

To return the granted loan, select from the list of granted loans the one that must be returned prematurely and press “Early repayment”.

In this case if the funds are repaid before the specified term of their usage, the lender loses the reward they would have otherwise received for the granted loan. When the funds are repaid, the necessary amount is deducted from the purse to which they were received. In case there are not enough funds in this purse, the necessary amount will be deducted from other purses of the debtor (beginning with the purse with the greatest balance). If there are not enough funds in all the purses, then trust limits open to the debtor by other system members will be used (beginning with the trust limit that has the smallest interest rate). If there is no money on the debtor's purses you will be offered to try to return the loan at a later time.

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