INDX API HistoryTransaction

HistoryTransaction method (Trader’s transaction history).

  • request parameters:
    name purpose comments
    Login Trader’s login obtained by the Trader on the API access page and is used to sign the request sent to the Internet-exchange
    Wmid Trader’s WMID Trader’s WM-identifier used to operate the Internet-exchange
    Culture Request language determines the language of the message: (ru-RU, en-EN)
    Signature Request signature
    BASE64 + SHA256
    formed with the parameters: Login+ ';' + Password+ ';' + Culture + ';' + Wmid + ';' + ID + ';' + DateStart + ';' + DateEnd
    example for: CryptoJS.SHA256('1234567890AaBb').toString(CryptoJS.enc.Base64) equal Q+ylxnY9VUUqgEalgyEQS9oD2WgOgzA6LofVvjYPhFQ=
    Trading selection criteria used to search the bidding by instrument ID within a specified time period
    ID Instrument ID Used to search for an instrument
    DateStart start date time period, format YYYYMMDD with YYYY for year number, MM – month number, DD – day number
    DateEnd end date time period, format YYYYMMDD with YYYY for year number, MM – month number, DD – day number
  • response format:
  • response parameters:
    name purpose comments
    code Execution code 0 - request successfully completed (for other values see return codes list).
    desc Execution code description “string of 0 to 255 symbols, win1251-encoded”
    value result contains the return value depending on the method called
    stamp operation date and time format C#: new DateTime(1970, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0)).AddSeconds(stamp);
    kind operation type decimal integer, 1 – buy, 0 - sell
    amount transaction amount decimal number
    wmtranid transaction number unique transaction number in the WebMoney system
    purse Recipient’s purse number string – 13 symbols, the first character is a Latin letter Z and 12 numbers; spaces are not allowed
    desc description string of symbols
    wallet recipient's address string of symbols
    tx transaction's hash string of symbols
    type transaction's type decimal integer, 1 - transactions of crypto assets, 0 - transactions of webmoney purses
    state transaction status decimal integer, 0 - transaction has been completed successfully, 3 or 9 - operation was rejected, 6 - operation is queued for execution
  • execution/Error Codes:
    return code description
    0 request successfully completed
    -1 service stopped
    -2 access denied
    -3 wrong Trader’s WMID
    -4 incorrect request signature
    -5 incorrect date
    -6 nonexistent instrument ID
    -7 web-service call resulted in an error
    -8 internal error
    -9 unknown error
    -10 unknown error