INDX Internet-Exchange

INDX Internet Exchange is an automatic machine (robot) located entirely on the public Internet, owned by INDX TRANSACTION LLC.

INDX Internet Exchange is a trading platform with direct access, that is, a registered Trader can independently carry out purchase and sale operations of instruments without opening an account with a brokerage company. The trading system of the INDX Internet exchange implements instant delivery of instruments against payment in a single indivisible transaction at the time of conclusion of the transaction. At the same time, instruments and means of payment are exchanged between Exchange Traders. Thus, the exchange does not directly participate in the transaction and does not carry out settlements for emerging obligations (i.e., does not conduct clearing), but only provides the parties with the technical ability to guarantee the execution of the transaction.

INDX Internet Exchange provides the opportunity to trade derivatives (derivative instruments), called NOTES, which are backed by accounting units of cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and title units WMZ and WMG, owned by INDX traders and transferred for safekeeping to the INDX exchange. The note has a nominal value assigned upon registration of the instrument.

Payments charged when working on the INDX Internet exchange:

  • there is no account maintenance fee;
  • when replenishing a Trader’s trading account with WM title units, a commission of the WebMoney system is charged, which is 0.8% of the transfer amount;
  • when making a transaction, each participant is charged a commission in the amount of 0.05% of the transaction amount in the quotation currency (commissions for transactions where the quotation currency is WMZ are not charged).

On the INDX Exchange purchase and sale transactions between various cryptocurrencies and stablecoins (instruments) are available. The first instrument in the pair is the base currency, and the second instrument in the pair is the quote currency. When making a transaction, a commission of 0.05% is calculated from the transaction amount and is charged from both parties to the transaction in the quote currency.

Selling BTC for USDT: 0.003 BTC at a price of 45196 USDT per unit.
Transaction amount 45196*0.003=135.588 USDT.
Commission 135.588 USDT*0.05%=0.067794 USDT.
Then the amount from the sale that the BTC seller will receive will be: 135.588 - 0.067794 = 135.520206 USDT.
The amount that the BTC buyer will pay will be: 135.588 + 0.067794 = 135.655794 USDT.

Data on the completed transaction is reflected in the history of transactions on the account of the participants in the transaction (the "wallet" button). In the "Note" column, the numerical values - "Price", "Commission", "Transaction Amount" are indicated in units of the quotation currency. "Quantity" and "Balance" are indicated in units of the underlying asset. The total amount of the instrument (the “Balance” column) is recalculated into notes in accordance with the assigned denomination to the whole value, and the remainder of less than one note is indicated in parentheses.

To avoid errors when placing orders in the queue, it is recommended to check the ratio of asset units in the "Market" tab.

On the INDX Exchange a trader's assets can be deposited into (and withdrawn from) the trading account at any time during the trading session. All funds on the trading account continue to be at the complete disposal of the Trader. To withdraw all of a trader’s assets from the exchange, it is necessary to remove open orders from the queues.

Due to the fact that exchange-traded notes have low denominations and there are no fees for maintaining a trading account, INDX is an effective educational resource for novice Traders, and also allows experienced Traders to practice their trading strategies with minimal losses.

The exchange operates automatically, around the clock with a technical break from 23:45 to 00:00 Central European time (CET), or from 1:45 to 2:00 Moscow time.

The exchange supports Software interfaces INDX for automated interaction with it.

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