Getting a list of loan applications

Provides a list of loan applications for the same

  • URL for sending requests -
  • method – POST
  • accept types: application/xml
  • request format:
  • request parameters:
Name Purpose Description
WMID lender's WMID 12 digits
AMOUNT desired loan amount an integer
PERIOD the desired loan term in days an integer
PERCENT the desired loan interset for the entire period of usage an integer
ATT the code of the lowest type of passport allowing its owner to become a borrower 100 - alias, 110 - formal, 120 - initial, 130 - personal
BL the borrower's minimum BL an integer >=0
CURRENCY loan purse type Z, T, F, X, H or L
Ticks the number of milliseconds since 01.01.1970 00:00:00 UTC Int64
SIGN request signature formed by calculating the SHA1 hash function from a string obtained by concatenating parameters WMID + ':' + Ticks+ ':' + password_for_API_access
password_for_ access_to_the_API is generated on the settings page of the Debt Service
  • response format:
      <tenders cnt="TENDERS_CNT">
        <TenderMoney ID="TENDER_ID" Only4Corr="ONLY_CORR">
  • response parameters:
Name Purpose Description
TENDERS_CNT the number of entries in the returned list
TENDER_ID application number
WMID borrower's WMID 12 digits
DATECRT loan date format yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss
DATEUPD date of the last change of the loan status format yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss
AMOUNT maximum amount
PERIOD maximum loan term
PROC_DAY daily loan interest
PERIODICITY return frequency 0 - at the end of the term
1 - daily,
3 - once in 3 days,
5 - once in 5 days,
10 - once in 10 days,
15 - once in 15 days,
30 - once in 30 days
CURRENCY loan purse type Z, T, F, X, H or L
PURPOSE purpose of the loan text

RETVAL values