Face Control

Face Control is a generalized name for a group of technologies for authorization and authentication of WebMoney System participants based on a photo or video portrait made by a mobile device camera (selfie).

The Face Control authorization technology allows you to verify the fact that it is a person, not a computer, who gains access to WebMoney applications, and give him the right to continue further actions in the system. The technology is an original implementation of the reverse Turing test using a user's self-portrait and can replace the similar CAPTCHA test.
Currently, Face Control authorization technology is used:

  • during the initial registration in the system;
  • when activating an account in a mobile application .

Face Control authentication technologies provide verification of the user as a member of the WebMoney System in the process of performing operations or as a second factor of confirmation of operations. Authentication technologies are implemented on the basis of proprietary methods and pattern recognition algorithms based on the data of system participants (VideoID) and with their permission.

Face Control technologies are developed in full compliance with the Privacy Policy .