Exchanger Trans Divide

There is XML-API implemented in the section for automatic dividing of a new into two.

<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>
  • Request parameters:
name purpose comments
wmid Signer's WMID WMID from which a new bid will be placed.
signstr Request signature. 132-digits digital signature (by .kwm keys of the wmid) encoding the value of three tags of the request, pulled together in one line without spaces, "wmid + operid + exchtype + outpurse + inamount + outamount"
operid number of the new bid, which needs to be spitted into two bids
exchtype type of a new bid, that will be available after dividing
outpurse purse to receive exchanged funds from new bid which is going to be appeared after dividing.
inamount amount which will be automatically removed from the existing bid with number operid and transferred to the new bid
outamount amount which needs to be transferred to outpurse purse in the new bid, which will appear after dividing
capitallerwmid optional field if Capitaller’s WMID is being transferred in this field ( the exchange bid on behalf of capitallerwmid may be set under this request. In this case there must be an access for WMID which signs the request which is described at Capitaller’s Impersonalization page.
  • Response format:
<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>
    <retval divideid=""></retval>
  • Response parameters
Name Purpose Description
retval Execution code "0" means that the request was executed successfully. Check the execution code table for detailed information;
divideid attribute - new devided bid number
retdesc Execution code description error description in case retval tag is not 0
  • Example
<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>

<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>
    <retval divideid=\"27784847\">0</retval>
  • Execution/Error Codes
Code Description
-10 The client wmid is not specified
-11 Error occurred during the signature verification, tag signstr
-12 Error when specifying the bid number which needs to be changed
-13 Error when specifying a new bid rate. It should contain only digits and a delimiter symbol with no spaces or unnecessary symbols.It must be specified and maximum length is 10 symbols
-14 Signature verification failed.%Str%
-15 Error - Failed loading XML with query parameters
-22 Wrong type of new bid.
-23 Error in specifying the purse number to which you will receive. It must be specified and consist of a letter and 12 digits.
-26 The receipt of funds to WME purses for your WMID is limited due to non compliance with the requirements of the guarantor for WME
-27 A purse which is specified by you to receive funds does not belong to your WMID
-28 Exchange through the bidding process is not available, please use for exchange feature EXCHANGE using the right button of the mouse in Keeper WinPro or use the link Menu - Purses - Exchange in Keeper WebPro. For Keeper Standard (Mini) or Keeper Mobile or use the appropriate links in the interface.
1 The purse that you specified to receive funds is incorrect, it does not correspond to the type of exchange.
2 The purse that you specified to receive funds is incorrect, it does not correspond to the type of exchange.
3 The amount you want to exchange is too small, specify large amount or equal to "specified value"
4 The amount that you want to receive after the exchange is too small, specify an amount higher or equal to "specified value"
5 The rate you have chosen is very different from the average rate, the exchange rate on this Exchange is impossible.
6 You already have 5 or more bids of this direction of the exchange. You can not make more bids but you can reduce number of bids by connecting them. To do this, select an existing bid with your preferred exchange rate from your list of new bids.Use the join operation (at the bottom of the list of operations) to join other bids to the one that was selected
9 Exchange amounts must be no more than 2 decimal places, (transactions less than 1 penny, 1 cent, etc. are not possible in the system)
10 The separation is not made, try again and if that doesn't work, contact your Administrator.
16 The main bid &operid& is deleted, or the exchange is complete, it can not be divided.
19 The main bid is an exchange now, it can not be splited. Please try again in a few minutes.
26 The specified purse is not supported by your WMID Capitaller
41 Result return error, try again
43 You already have a bid with the same (or more favorable) rate in the opposite direction. If you complete this operation, you will be forced to buy (clearing) your exists bid in the opposite direction. Adjust the rate of this or the opposite of your bid.
51 Error occurred (database level), descrition:
115 There is not enough funds in the main tender & operid & to create another tender with the amount you specified previously
128 Error occurred (unknown)