Debt API CreditRate

  • URL for sending requests -
  • method – POST
  • accept types: application/xml
  • request format:
  • request parameters:
Name Purpose Description
wmid WMID requesting the information 12 digits
CREDITRATINGWMID participant`s wmid whos data is being requested 12 digits
sign request signature formed by calculating the SHA1 hash function from a string obtained by concatenating parameters WMID + ':' + CREDITRATINGWMID + ':' + password_for_API_access password_for_access_to_the_API is generated on the settings page of the Debt Service
  • response format
  <creditratingdata wmid="CREDITRATINGWMID">
    <owedTo pt="WMType" limcnt="limcnt" limsum="limsum" credcnt="credcnt" credsum="credsum" />
    <owedBy pt="WMType" limcnt="limcnt" limsum="limsum" credcnt="credcnt" credsum="credsum" />
    <debtceiling pt="WMType">debtceiling</debtceiling>
  • response parameters
Name Purpose Description
CREDITRATINGWMID WMID which data is issued
state status in the service 0 - not used, 1- uses, 2 - haven't used it for a long time, 4 - blocked
datestart date of the first use of the service
datelast date of last use of the service
WMType the type of purse for which data is issued WMZ,WMT,WMX... etc.
owedTo debts and limits opened to the participant
owedBy debts and limits opened by the participant
limcnt number of valid trust limits
limsum the amount available under the current trust limits
credcnt number of active loans
credsum amount of active loans
debtceiling available amount of debt

values of RETVAL