Changing registration data

Please be reminded that according to the Agreement on Property Rights Transfer by Means of Digital Units each user of WebMoney Transfer undertakes to "provide authentic personal data and contact information during the registration in the WEBMONEY TRANSFER System" and report changes timely.

Changing surname, name or patronymic

WebMoney system member can change his/her name, surname or patronymic only with the assistance of the Verification Center administrator. More detailed

Changing passport data

WebMoney system members change personal data on their own at website

Changing your mobile phone number

WebMoney system members can change phone number:

WebMoney system members using the E - num service, who made changes to their personal data, should manually change the phone number in their E-num account at

Changing your email address

WebMoney system members can change email address:

Changing your security question

To change the security question, you need to know the valid answer to the security question or log in to the question change page using SMS- or E-NUM confirmation.

To change the security question

If you do not remember the valid answer to the security question please visit the Security website and enable one of the operations confirmating methods for your WebMoney Keeper. After that, you will be able to set a new security question and answer for your WebMoney Keeper.

Changing the network name (alias)

A WebMoney Transfer member changes his network name (alias) on his own at the website after receiving a personal certificate.

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