Accepting the terms of a trust limit

To establish trust relations between a debtor and lender in the Debt service a potential lender must open a trust limit and the potential debtor must accept the offered conditions.

To accept the conditions of an open trust limit, the debtor must log into the Debt service site and go to the section Trust me--Trust limits.

Next from the list select the trust limit whose conditions you have to accept (it is marked by the "?" symbol next to the lender's WMID).

Then carefully read the terms for receiving funds based on the trust limit, and if you accept them, press "I agree".

Then confirm your decision by entering the code received via SMS and pressing "Check".

After completing the operation successfully the debtor gains access to the button "Get Credit".

You can read the step-by-step instructions on receiving a loan based on a trust limit in the article Receiving a loan based on a trust limit.

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