Withdrawing BA funds to the operating account

Withdrawing funds from Budget Automation tool purses to the company's operating account ( withdrawal into the bank ) is only possible if:

The same is also true for adding funds to BA purses (withdrawing funds) from the company's operating account.

Overall, the algorithm for withdrawal is the following:
  • an authorized company employee logs into the Banking service with his WMID;
  • when requesting a withdrawal operation, he has the option to switch the login to the BA WMID;
  • he posts a bill;
  • and goes to the Budget Automation tool site to pay the incoming bill from LLC Agency Guarantee from one of the BA expenses purses available to him.

For the LLC LablePrint Budget Automation tool, the withdrawal process will occur in the following way.

1. Submitting a request to withdraw funds into the bank

A company representative with appropriate rights logs into the Banking service site and selects Order in the Outgoing operations section.

To login to the funds withdrawal into the bank page select the BA WMID,

specify the payment amount, and press "Pay bill".

2. Paying a bill

After submitting an order to withdraw funds, a bill will arrive to the BA from LLC Agency Guarantee (WMID 372616757918). To pay it, go to the page Budget--accounts--Incoming and select the required bill in the list by clicking on the icon in the first column of the table.

Next, press "Pay" in the "detailed information about the bill" form.

Next, from the list of purses select the BA expenses purse that has the amount to be withdrawn to the operating account and press "Transfer" (you do not have to fill out the "Function" field).

Note that a bill that arrived to the BA can only be paid by a company employee who has the following access rights (see Specifying BA personnel):
  • for the "Incoming bills" section - "Full access".
  • for the "purses" section - "read-only" or "Full access".

3. Managing the status of the funds withdrawal operation

The status of BA funds withdrawal to the company's operating account can be tracked on the Order an outgoing operation page, in the "Bills history" tab.

There you can also receive e-copies of the Contract of purchase-and-sale of valuable documents, the Statement of acceptance-and-transfer of e-checks, and the payment order.

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