Distributing BA dividends

The algorithm for dividends accrual and payment is a tool for distributing revenue among Budget Automation tool (BA) shareholders proportionally to the management fund (MF) shares.

Dividends are payed out from the management fund purses after a positive vote is made by the shareholders (where reaching a decision requires the majority of voices with a 50% attendance).

Overall, the algorithm for dividends accrual and payment is the following.
  • Ascertaining the amount of accrued dividends in the account per one MF share.
  • Setting a vote on "distributing dividends".
  • Holding the vote.
  • Automatic distribution of dividends to the inner accounts of the shareholders.
  • Transfer of the accrued amounts to the shareholders' purses.

Using the LLC LablePrint BA example, let's go through the process of distributing 100 WMR that have been collected on the management fund purse.

Note that
  • the number of BA LablePrint MF shares is 100, of which 15 were transferred to the BA, while 85 (60 and 25) are divided between the two co-founders, and
  • the amount to be distributed must include the WebMoney system commission (0.8%).

1. Setting a vote on distributing dividends

The vote on distributing dividends can be initiated by the BA manager or a company employee from the list of personnel with full access rights to the 'Shares' category .

To set a vote, go to the Shares--votes tab. Then select the vote type "dividends distribution".

Next, enter the vote start date and time, the MF purse, the amount of dividends per one MF share (the minimum value is 0.0001 WM), and press "Save". A new record will appear in the votes table, and the vote parameters can be changed or deleted prior to the start of the vote (while it is in "pending" mode - see the "management" column).

To notify shareholders of the upcoming vote, you can use the automatic notifications function by going to the section Shares--notification and pressing "Send" in the line of the current vote.

2. Holding a vote on dividends distribution

Once the vote has been set, information about it becomes available on the Shareholder service for all BA shareholders (in the Votes--history section).

To participate in the vote, wait for it to begin (to be in "not finished yet" mode), select it,

and press "FOR".

If part of the Budget Automation tool shares belong to his WMID, then any employee can participate in the vote on behalf of the BA if he is one of the personnel with full access rights to the 'Shares' category.

To vote for the BA WMID, go to the Shares--votes section, the "Votes of other companies" tab, select the current vote and press "FOR".

3. Administering a decision on dividends distribution

If the conditions specified for the vote on changing BA requisites are met (50% of the voices are "FOR" out of half of the voters), then after a short vote count the decision is officially made

and is carried out automatically a few minutes later. The result of the distribution can be viewed in the BA Shares--dividends section in the "Paid dividends" tab. If the "distributed" status appears in the status graph, this means the dividends have entered the inner accounts of BA shareholders.

4. Receiving dividends

To manage dividends accrual and payment, every shareholder must go to the shareholder.ru site, the Dividends--accrual record page.

and the Dividends--operations page, where in order to receive the payable dividends, they should enter their purse and the amount to be paid.

If part of the Budget Automation tool shares belongs to your WMID, you can view the result of the distribution in the Shares--dividends section, the "Accrued dividends" tab,

and you can transfer the dividends from the inner account to the BA receipts purse in the "Received dividends" tab.

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