Budget automation tool performance analysis

The Shareholder service enables members to get the details and current status of budget automation tools (BA's), as well as the results of cooperation of shareholders of a budget automation tool.

Information about budget automation tools included in the public registry is available to all members of the Shareholder service. Information about budget automation tools in the restricted registry is available to their shareholders only.

A member can assess the site of a project, the size of a BA's fund, the business levels of the BA and its administrator, the amount of monthly revenue and paid dividends, the cost of BA's shares on public auctions and other parameters.

General list of budget automation tools

The "List" tab of the "Registry" section contains a list of all budget automation tools available to the member. All public BA's are marked in bold, while the names of BA's from the restricted registry that the member has access to are written in regular font. To view information about restricted BA's, you need to complete the registration procedure.

This page contains general information about each BA, as well as links to the details of their operation. Links to additional information are provided in the third table column under corresponding icons and in the section menu:

  • details – link to the general profile of the budget automation tool;
  • reports – link to a page with public reports on transactions on the BA's purses;
  • votings – link to a page with the results of votings on the key aspects of the BA's management (accessible to shareholders only);
  • payouts – link to a page with reports on dividend payouts;
  • discussions – link to a closed forum of the BA's shareholders;
  • share auctions – link to a share auctions section (aftermarket);
  • list of shareholders – link to a page with a list of WMID's of participants who are the BA's shareholders (the page is available for all holders, who have more than 10% of shares of BA's).

BA details

The "Details" tab of the "Registry" section contains basic information about the budget automation tool: the WMID of the BA and its administrator, numbers of income purses, short and full names of the project, its site, the administrator's email address, details about the management fund and the history of changes, as well as links to the current revisions of the Agreemenet, Charter and Constituent declaration.

The "Initial size of the managament fund" field contains an amount equal to the total nominal cost of all released shares after the previous formation of the management fund.

Reports on transactions on the BA's purses

The "Reports" tab of the "Registry" section contains information about transactions on the BA's purses. A member can select a purse from the list to get a list of generated reports for it containing the following: report generation period, total income per period or total spending per period and its categories.

Reports on divident payouts to shareholders

The "Payouts" tab of the "Registry" section contains a list of dividend payouts to the BA's shareholders that includes: date of payment, total amount and payment per share, as well as the status of distribution. Besides, the table header contains the totals of devidend payouts (for all types of title units) since the creation of the BA.

List of shareholders

The "List of shareholders" tab contains a list of all WMID that belong to the owners of BA's shares. The list is sorted by the number of shares belonging to shareholders. A search form at the top of the page can be used for finding a shareholder by their WMID.
Access to the list is granted only to members with at least 10% of the management fund shares.

Additional information on the work of the BA

Additional information about the work of a BA can be obtained on the main page of the service, as well as in the "News" and "Statistics" sections.

The main page features charts of recent share auctions for all budget automation tools. Each chart reflects the total amount of share circulation (histogram, Y-axis on the right) and the change in share price (linear chart, Y-axis on the left) over the past week. It's also where you can find a summary table for all buy and sell offers.

The news page contains information about the most important events pertaining to the work of the BA: votings, dividend distribution, publishing of the agenda, reports and proposals on the forum.

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