Withdrawing WM-ID Restoration Application

Application to restore access to WMID might be rejected by the Verification Office if the applicant didn’t provide enough data in needed to verify his/her identity.
In this case an applicant has 3 options:

Repeating an application procedure

This is the easiest and quickest option. Apply once again and answer every question about WMID subject to restoration in a very detailed manner. It is extremely important to provide a correct answer to a control question, provided during registration in the System. It is possible that the repeated application will be processed automatically.

Delivering a paper version of the Application to the Verification center

This option is easy as well but takes longer to be processed. You need to provide a paper version of the WMID Access Restoration Form and a copy of your passport. These documents can be delivered either in person or by post (in this case documents must be notarized at a notary public) to the Verification center in Moscow. You can find the postal address and notarization rules at Passport.wmtransfer.com.

Waiting for automated update

For Formal or Anonymous passport holders only. The easiest but the longest option. If your initial application has been rejected, you can just wait. If the right to possess the subject WMID is not disputed within 45 days, your application will be automatically reviewed again. As a result of this review, your application will either be successfully processed or you will be offered to apply for a Personal Passport and file an appropriate claim to the Arbitration Service in order to be considered the duly owner of the given WMID.