WebMoney Login error IP browser and WM Keeper does not match

The following error can occur when you are logging in to WebMoney sites (via WebMoney Login service)
"IP address used for login doesn't match with the WM Keeper's IP-address. Please set up the connection to your browser and WM Keeper through the same IP, then enable IP-blocking and add XX.XX.XX.XX to the list of authorized IP-addresses"
as this screenshot shows:

This means that your WM Keeper and your Internet browser use different IP addresses, so you need to adjust your connection settings and make sure that the same IP-address is used. If you decide later to use different IP addresses you will need to enable the IP blocking and add the required IP addresses to the list of authorized IP-addresses. This can be done here https://security.webmoney.ru
For more information on the IP blocking go here: IP Blocking

To change your Connection Settings in Internet Explorer click "Tools" - "Internet Options" - "Connections" - "LAN settings":

To change your Connection Settings in Mozilla FireFox click "Tools" - "Settings" - "General" - "Network settings" click "Settings" button:

For more information on how to configure your Internet browser contact the support team of the browser you use.

To find out the current IP addresses of your WM Keeper and Internet browser, you should launch the WM Keeper and open one of these websites in your browser: 2ip.ru or myip.ru

In the keeper window click on “Warning! Check your security settings” (at the below right-hand corner). Your IP-address can be found in the Security Update Scan.
If you have not made any specific proxy server settings but the IP addresses are different contact the support team of your Internet provider.