WMSigner for .Net Platform (WMSignerFX)

This article is intended for developers using the WMSigner authentication method in Microsoft .Net applications.

The purpose of the article: is to show .Net developers the advantages of using the new module of WMSignerFX 2.0 compared to WMSignerX. The article consists of three sections in each of them both modules are compared according to the certain parameter.

Speed of Work.

Here is the comparison result of work speed of the modules:

As you can see, the WMSignerFX 2.0 module, due to using a faster algorithm works more than 10 times faster than WMSignerX. Keep in mind that in this case the time needed for modules to initiliaze is not taken into account. To make sure, use the source code of the tests to check the results by yourself.

Note: Modules WMSignerFX 1.0 and 1.1 were slower than WMSignerX module.

Necessary Usage Rights.

WMSignerFX does not require any special rights for working on the IIS server (Trust limit - MediumTrust). WMSignerX module requires registration on the server side (as COM-component) and special rights are required to use it.


Please note that the WMSignerFX module is significantly younger than the WMSignerX, therefore, it is more likely that it has more errors. The WMSignerFX module is actively supported by developers. If you find an error in the module's work first you will get a reward for this. To get it you have to contact the developer.

The conclusion: at present moment the WMSignerFX module is the best choice for .Net applications.