WMID termination process

This article is to explain the termination process of a WMID initiated by a system participant.

The denial of service is, in effect, the cancellation of the “Agreement on Property Rights Transfer by Means of Digital Units” and a complete ban of the WMID owner on the usage of the System and its services without the possibility of a new registration.

The denial of service applies to all WMID belonging to the system participant who is a party to the “Agreement on Property Rights Transfer by Means of Digital Units” which is being cancelled.

If you want to delete your WMID, you can do so, provided that you do not have any outstanding debts, loans or claims against your WMID.

To delete your WMID from the system, you need to take the following steps:

1. Withdraw all WEBMONEY title units from all purses of your WEBMONEY KEEPER.
2. If you have any outstanding debts, you need to pay them off in full.
3. Check if you have any outstanding claims or disputes against your WMID and, if necessary, take steps in finalising the claims and towards the withdrawal of the complaints.
4. If you received a loan which you have not repaid, you need to transfer your outstanding loan into debt obligations in the Paymer format.

In the event that you do not have access to your WebMoney Keeper, you need to restore access at key.wmtransfer.com.

You can send a request for termination process at the WebMoney Security website

In the WM Keeper WinPro

In the WM Keeper WebPro

In the WM Keeper Standard

In the WebMoney Keeper app

When you select the “Terminate the service” option, you need to confirm your choice with SMS or E-Num.

Next you will receive a notification message that in 2 days the service will be terminated irrevocably to your email address and via the internal mailing service to WebMoney Keeper.

The message will contain a link to the option of cancelling the service termination process. In the event that you change your mind or the process was initiated by someone else, you will be able to cancel the initiated termination process. If the cancellation of the termination process does not commence within 2 days from the receipt of the notification, the “Agreement on Property Rights Transfer by Means of Digital Units” will be TERMINATED AUTOMATICALLY and the ACCESS to your WMID will be blocked.

You will receive a confirmation of the termination of service to your email address (if available in your contact details).

No matter from which of your WMID an application for denial of service will be submitted, it will affect all of your WMID. Be careful! After the denial you will never be able to become a member of the System!

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