Transact Automation Tool registration

Credit operations in the System are forbidden for Transact automation tool holders. Services for private persons are also restricted (credit exchange, debt service, etc).
Only authorized employee who is actually controls this WMID can be assigned as Transact Automation tool administrator.

Registration of the Transact Automation Tool for companies non-resident in the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belorussia can be made ONLY after it is approved by a Guarantor for WMZ-certificates or WME-checks. If registered without confirmation you may not be allowed to use this service. Please send an e-mail to before registration.

Three steps to registering TAT:

1 Appoint an authorized representative

A legal entity is required to authorize its representative to register a personal WMID in the WebMoney Transfer system and to receive a formal passport. If the authorized representative is already a member of the WebMoney Transfer system and the WMID has a formal (or higher) passport, it is not necessary to register a new WMID.
After registration, the personal WMID will be accepted as the WMID of the administrator of the Transact Automation Tool, and will only be used to restore control over of the Transact Automation Tool.
Before you can proceed to the next step your mobile phone number and email address need to be verified. If this has not been done already please make sure that it is done at this now.

2 Register a WMID for the Transact Automation Tool

After the authorized representative has created a new WMID (WebMoney Keeper WinPro or WebMoney Keeper WebPro) on the re-registration page the said WMID will receive an appropriate passport and will be used as a Transact Automation Tool. To log in to the re-registration page you will need to use the personal WMID that you registered as described in clause 1 of this manual (unless you have registered one previously).

3 Submit the documents conclude the agreement with a Guarantor

An authorized representative collects the set of listed documents which are then digitally photocopied (scanned) and uploaded to the Verification Centre website. After checking the digital photocopies the authorized representative will be asked to submit the original documents to the Verification Centre in person or to send notarized copies by post. The postal and physical addresses of the Verification Centre along with its opening hours are available at
After receiving the documents as specified on the list, the Guarantor (or its authorized agent) concludes the appropriate agreement with the company. After that the company’s bank account is verified (the company must top-up the Z or the E purse of Transact Automation Tool via a bank transfer from the company’s bank account in the amount of not less than 500 WMZ or WME), the administrator of the Transact Automation Tool obtains a Personal passport (unless one was issued earlier), the Transact Automation Tool passport is issued to the WMID of the Transact Automation Tool and information that it is now used on behalf of the company is made known.

Loading WMZ/WME to your Transact Automation Tool

To load WMZ/WME to your Transact Automation Tool make a transfer from your company’s bank account specified in the agreement to our company’s bank account. You will receive banking details of our company after we get and check the agreements signed from your side.

Please write “YOUR COMPANY’S WMID/Z or E purse and Date of the agreement” as a comment to the transaction. After we receive the payment we will transfer your funds to your Transact Automation Tool .

Withdrawal of WMZ/WME from the Transact Automation Tool to your company’s bank account

To withdraw your funds use WM Keeper. Make a transaction from the Transact Automation Tool’s Z/E-purse to the Z/E-purse of the company with according to the agreement.

Please write: “per agreement #YOUR COMPANY’S WMID and the Date of the agreement. Name of your company and bank account number of your company” as a comment to the transaction. After we receive the payment we will transfer your funds to your company’s bank account.

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