Signing a contract via Arbitration service

  • Contracts represent electronic documents created by WebMoney Transfer members and published on Arbitration service web-site.
  • The text of the contract can be informal but must not violate any of the Agreements existing in WebMoney Transfer system.
  • The contract defines the rights and obligations of members of commercial transactions made using WebMoney Transfer tools, for example: suppliers of goods and services and buyers, creditors and debtors, etc.

If, when making any commercial transaction with WebMoney Transfer tools, both parties of the transaction previously agreed to the Contract conditions, then in the event there appear any issues between the parties, WebMoney Transfer Arbitration will be considering only the text of the contract itself and use it when resolving conflicts only in one of the following cases:

  1. The owner of the WM Identifier, authorized to view the contrat text on the page (where XX is contract number), pressed the "Accept terms and conditions of XX contract" button. The author of the contract is considered as having accepted its terms and conditions by definition;
  2. The annotation to the made payment via WebMoney Transfer tools (in accordance with the contract conditions) has a record "I agree to the terms and conditions of XX contract (where XX - contract number)".

There are two types of contracts: contracts with open access and contracts with restricted access. A conract with open access can be viewed by any WebMoney Transfer member. But the author of the contract can restrict access to its contents by generating a special list of WebMoney Transfer members (contracts with restricted access) who can view it.

Any WebMoney Transfer member can create a new contract or view the existing ones on this page (available after the authorization) of Arbitration service.