Rules for chat members

1. Conditions of action of the chat rules

1.1. Users which entering the chat, take on voluntary commitments to comply with the following rules.
1.2. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from responsibility for their violations, we recommend to read them.

2. In the chat is allowed:

2.1. To communicate, to share information, to discuss any topic and take any other action that does not violate paragraph 3.
2.2. To enter into any relationship that does not contravene the WebMoney Transfer Code , and of the Agreements of the WebMoney Transfer system .
2.3. To suggest improvements of the chat work, to complain about the poor work of the chat.

3. In the chat is strictly prohibited:

3.1. Fraud and illegal software.
3.1.1. Fraud.
- messages on any financial transactions, sales, exchange, donation, transfer of account in the possession of another person;
- the creation of fakes;
- it is strictly forbidden to pose yourself as Administration of the project.
3.1.2. Prohibited programs, distribution, use.
- messages that contain the spread of the demand and the discussion of prohibited programs in the chat.
3.2. Abusive language and veiled abusive language
Abusive language (words, phrases) and the veiled obscene speech (euphemism, unfinished words, contractions, words with replacement of one or more letters), profanity in any language and in any encoding, and the words of offensive nature are prohibited in all their forms!
3.2.1. Offensive language.
3.2.2. Veiled obscenities and offensive words
3.3. Discrimination on racial, ethnic, religious or other grounds, nationalist, racial slogans and sayings.
3.3.1. Messages calling for any action against other nationalities.
3.3.2. The message, about the superiority of one nation or people over another.
3.3.3. Messages which leading to ethnic and racial hatred and division, and lead to the provoking of conflicts on religious grounds.
3.3.4. Promotion of intolerance towards any kind of affiliation, and encouraging such acts and statements committed by other users.
3.4. Propaganda of violence, weapons, drugs, alcohol and tobacco, etc.
- messages containing propaganda of violence, weapons, advertisements and open discussion of any narcotic drugs and propaganda of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, sexually-pornographic messages, and anatomical character text smiles is prohibited in the chat.
3.5. Slander, allegations (unproven)/Spreading false information.
- indictment messageы
- spreading false or unverified information.
3.6. It is prohibited to insult other users (directly or indirectly) in chat, to use literary colloquial words in the insult or rudeness of users, be rude to users and administration of the chat, to arrange a confrontation.
3.7. Spam, flood, advertising.
3.7.1. Flood
- sending large numbers of similar messages within 3 minutes;
- using more than 3 (three) of any characters or individual letters, the repetition of more than 3 (three) similar words in a row in a single message;
- sending multiple messages, which can be combined into one, written one word or one letter.
3.7.2. Spam/Advertising/Links:
- commercial and non-commercial advertising and discussion of other projects which are not projects of the company
3.7.3. Trolling, flame, dissemination of personal information.
Trolling is the provocative messages, written with the purpose to cause conflicts, disputes, mutual insults.
Trolling/discussing the actions of moderators:
- multiple questions to Moderators which are asked for a small period of time, in order to obstruct the work of the moderators;
- messages which containing discussion of Moderator action and/or project Administration or disagreement with them.
Spam is advertising of any resource explicitly.
3.8. Disclosure of personal information:
messages which disclose any personal information of the participant, the Moderator, the Administration of the project without his consent.
3.9. Threats and insults.
3.9.1. Threats:
messages that contain direct or indirect threats of violence in real life, extortion and blackmail.
3.9.2. Insults:
- insult in any form, humiliation of human dignity and the words
3.9.3. Insulting the moderator:
- insult at Moderators, representatives of the Administration or company
- threats of violence or threats of removal from the moderator post.
3.10. To begging
3.11. Send any messages and comments, post pictures/photos or use nicknames that offend generally accepted standards of morality.

4. Not recommended in chat

4.1. Misuse the "Caps Lock"
4.2. Abuse the smiles (for example, to send 5 or more consecutive messages containing only smiles).
4.3. Send big quotes, also send quotes which cut into pieces in the main chat. If necessary, You can provide a link to the source of information.
4.4. Our chat is in English, therefore the official language of communication is English and we are not recommended to use in our chat other languages.
4.5. To ignore warnings and requests for chat moderators.

5. Administrative rights.

5.1. If an administrator or moderator thinks that a particular action of the user interferes with other users, he is obliged to warn the user of the unacceptability of such behavior.
5.2. In the case that the user has not listened to recommendations, he can be locked at any time that the administrator or moderator deems objective.
5.3. In the event of detection of flood or spam, moderator or administrator of the chat have the right to delete posts from chat.
5.4. The user may appeal the actions of a moderator in a special topic in forum, and then in accordance with the moderators and administrators rules, will made a decision.

Rules of conduct/work in the chat to moderators/administrators, the violators. Interpretation of certain terms.

1. Basic points
1.1. The administrators and moderators monitor compliance with the rules of the chat.
1.2. Administrators and moderators must adhere to the chat rules under the threat of deprivation of moderator/ administrator rights.
1.3. Administrators and moderators do not have to substantiate their actions in the chat.
1.4. Administrators and chat moderators should strive to make chat comfortable for all participants.
1.5. Administrators and moderators can make their own decisions.
1.6. Chat moderators can counsel on general issues of exchange, however, do not provide full technical support.
2.Moderators and administrators can perform the following actions when monitoring compliance of the rules of the chat :
2.1. Warn user about the inadmissibility of his behavior.
2.2. Repeated warning of user about the inadmissibility of his behavior
2.3. Delete messages which are prohibited by paragraph 3.
2.4. Ban is a prevent the user to access the chat.
3. The moderator or administrator when issuing the Ban must indicate clearly violated point of rules or reason. Bans without the proper instructions can be cancelled without any further details.
4. The moderators and administrators are not allowed to write insults and rudeness in a footnote to the Bans and warnings towards users!
5. The procedure for filing complaints against moderators and administrators and the order of consideration of these complaints
5.1. Any user can complain about the actions of a moderator or administrator if his actions do not conform to the rules and interfere with the normal communication in the chat
5.2. The complaint must be write in the appropriate section.
5.3. When you complain, you must specify the nickname of a moderator or administrator, committed actions and approximate time of incident (to simplify the search in the logs).
5.4. The administrator or the main administrator (if the complaint is against the administrator) must consider the complaint and write an answer in the same topic.
5.5. Extraneous posts in this topic are not allowed, only if it is requested by the administrator to clarify.
5.6. The decision is final and not appealable.
5.7. The user can ask the administrator or main administrator to create a survey about deprivation of the rights of a moderator or administrator of a particular person.
6. The main administrator is always right, the actions of the main administrator are not discussed, decisions of the chief administrator may be revised by the Creator of the chat.