Receiving information about current bids

This API updates the information every 15 seconds.

Name Purpose Description
exchtype exchange type numerical value of the exchange direction; range 1-116
  • Request example:
  • Response example
<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>
    <BankRate direction=\"RUR/USD\" ratetype=\"0\">56,7597</BankRate>
    <WMExchnagerQuerys amountin=\"WMZ\" amountout=\"WME\" inoutrate=\"WMZ/WME\" outinrate=\"WME/WMZ\">
        <query id=\"27745268\" amountin=\"8941,9\" amountout=\"516434,83\" inoutrate=\"0,0173\" outinrate=\"57,7544\" procentbankrate=\"+1,75\" allamountin=\"8941,9\" querydate=\"19.01.2018 16:56:47\"></query>

Response properties:

Name Purpose Description
BankRate rate Central Bank rate tag, matching the exchtype
◦ direction attribute -meaning exchange direction of the bids, returned by this query
◦ ratetype attribute - can accept values 0 or 1. The direct or back course is defined by this value, it is given in avgrate, minrate, maxrate in this couple
WMExchangerQuerys bids list tag returned bids list
◦ amountin attribute - WM amount subject to the exchange
◦ amountout attribute - WM amount that a counter bid holder wants to receive
◦ inoutrate attribute - direct exchange rate between WM currencies
◦ outinrate attribute - back exchange rate between WM currencies
WMExchangerQuerys\Query bid tag specific bid tag
◦ id - new bid number
◦ amountin - WM amount to be exchanged
◦ amountout - WM amount that a counter bid holder wants to receive
◦ inoutrate - Bid direct exchange rate
◦ outinrate - reverse exchange rate
◦ procentbankrate - difference, in percents, from the central Bank rate
◦ allamountin - amount in WM subject to exchange in all previous and current bid
◦ querydate - date of bid’s last change