Re-crediting procedure in the WebMoney Debt service

Re-crediting loans with the possibility of repayment in another currency became available in WebMoney Debt.

The borrower can discuss with the lender the new terms, amount and type of title units to be returned. The initiation of a discussion of the terms of re-crediting is available to the borrower in the absence of sufficient funds to return the wallet and not earlier than three days before the end of the loan term.

The re-crediting procedure start:

The borrower needs to go to the website of the Debt Service in the Trust me section and select a loan before the repayment period of which is less than 3 days or the period has expired.

Click on the "Request a re-crediting" button

Read the terms and conditions of the loan re-crediting and click the "To offer" button.
If it’s necessary, you can change the conditions by clicking on the appropriate button.
Then you need to wait for the lender's response.

When you re-crediting the loan, the current limit for which the loan was taken is closed and a new one-time limit is opened on the agreed conditions.