List of loan offer applications

Returns a list of loan applications (similar to the page or one of the applications from this list.


request parameters:
Parametr Purpose Description
wmid Signer's WMID
tid loan application number an integer; if 0, the result is a list of all offer loan applications; otherwise, the application parameters
t request time an integer; the number of milliseconds since 01.01.1970 00:00:00 UTC at the time of the request
SS signature formed by the WMSigner module on a string obtained by concatenating the parameters wmid, tid, t with the character; (semicolon) as a separator
VR 1 - include in the result of the application for which the refund was made it does not depend on the value that is passed (0 or 1), the presence of the parameter in the request is important
VD 1 - include deleted applications in the result it does not depend on the value that is passed (0 or 1), the presence of the parameter in the request is important
out result format
callback function name for JSONP

Request example:

Returned data:

Parametr Type Description
retval int Error code
ztenders array List of applications

Error codes:

Code Description
0 Success
5 No access. No access. The request was issued not by the WMID of the signer of the request..
1 The signature is not correct.
51 The request time (parameter t) is very different from the current time.
52 The signer`s WMID passport is lower than personal.
53 Failed to get request signer WMID information.
54 The WMID parameter has an invalid format.

Application parameters:

Parametr Type Description
TenderID int The number of loan offer application.
CTenderID int The number of loan request application.
WMID string The lender's WMID.
ZAmount amount The transferred amount (loan amount).
CAmount amount The amount to be refunded.
State int Application status:
0 - new;
1 - paid;
2 - deleted;
3 - the loan is issued.
ZPurse string Z-purse for loan repayment.
WMTranID int WebMoney Transfer transaction number of the loan transfer.
CDWMTranID The number of the WebMoney Transfer transaction of receipt of the obligation.
DPurse string D-purse for accounting for received obligations.
DateCrt date The date the application was created.
DateUpd date The date of the last change in the status of the application.
CredState int Loan status:
0 - not yet returned;
256 - partially returned;
512 - fully returned.
The loan status is updated only when the parameters of one application are requested!
CDRetAmount amount The amount returned.