How to upload multiple files to a personal folder

To upload multiple files to a personal folder on the WebMoney Files service at once, you can:

on the website

1 Go to the WebMoney Files and log in with your WM Keeper.

2 Press "Upload" and choose multiple files in the appeared menu.

When using a PC, the "Drag and drop" method can also be used. Select multiple files and drag them onto the service's webpage.

List of uploads will appear in the pop-up window. Successfully uploaded files can then be seen in the personal folder.

in WebMoney Keeper WinPro

1 Press "Menu" - "Files" - "Upload file to personal folder".

2 Press "Add file...", locate multiple files in the explorer (or drag them onto the window), enter their description (this is optional) and press "Next".

After a successful upload you will see this notification:

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