How to add funds to a Skype account

There are several methods for adding funds to a Skype account by using WM Transfer title units.

1 Direct account top-up

Direct top-up of an account using WM Transfer title units is possible only for Skype users who have indicated "Russia" as their country of residence for their Billing address and only WMZ are accepted. The amount is converted into dollars at the internal exchange rate.
To add to your account perform the following:

  • Go to the Account page on the Skype website, log in, and then click on the "Add Skype Credit" button.

  • on the opened page, select the amount to be credited to the account.

  • Then choose "WebMoney" and click "Next".

  • After choosing your payment method make sure that you have the necessary amount of WMZ and click "Next".
  • After the page for WebMoney Merchant appears make a direct payment to the purse of the merchant named Global Collect.
  • Return to the account page for Skype and verify that your payment has gone through. Funds are generally credited to your account in just a few minutes.

2 Buying and redeeming an original Skype voucher
You can purchase original Skype vouchers using WebMoney Transfer title units on or other online stores selling digital products.

To redeem a voucher you need to:

  • Go to the Account page on the Skype website, log in, and then click the "Redeem voucher" button found in the "Account details" - "Billing and payments" section.

  • On the page that appears, specify the unique voucher number, agree to the Terms of Service and click the "Redeem..." button.

3 Adding funds to your account via Skype business partners
On e-commerce sites you can also obtain vouchers from Skype business partners. For example, to see all offers on, just enter "Skype" in the search field and press Enter.

Then select the corresponding product and buy it.

Such vouchers are activated via the websites of business partners, who may, among other things, also provide their users the chance to immediately add funds directly to their Skype accounts.