Borrower's credit status

Returns the parameters of the borrower's credit status from the page


request parameters:

Parametr Purpose Description
wmid Signer's WMID
bwmid borrower's WMID
t request time an integer; the number of milliseconds since 01.01.1970 00:00:00 UTC at the time of the request
SS signature formed by the WMSigner module on a string obtained by concatenating the parameters wmid, bwmid, t with the character; (semicolon) as a separator
out result format
callback function name for JSONP

Request example:

Returned data:

Parametr Type Description
retval int Error code
creditstatus array Borrower's credit status.

Error codes:

Code Description
0 Success
5 No access. No access. The request was issued not by the WMID of the signer of the request..
1 The signature is not correct.
51 The request time (parameter t) is very different from the current time.
52 The signer`s WMID passport is lower than personal.
53 Failed to get request signer WMID information.
54 The WMID parameter has an invalid format.

Parameters of the borrower's credit status:

Parametr Type Description
State int Possible values::
0 - no credit operations;
1 - all credits are paid off ;
2 - credits are not paid off, repayment period not expired ;
3 - credits are not paid off, repayment period expired.
CreditCnt int Number of loans received
CreditAmount amout Amount of loans received
BackCnt int Number of loans refunded
BackAmount amout Amount of loans refunded
CreditorsCnt int Number of different lenders