Borrower's applications

Returns a list of applications (no more than 100) of the borrower from the page


request parameters:

Parametr Purpose Description
wmid Signer's WMID
bwmid borrower's WMID
dt date from which applications are issued format yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss;if not set, they are issued starting from the current date
t request time an integer; the number of milliseconds since 01.01.1970 00:00:00 UTC at the time of the request
SS signature formed by the WMSigner module on a string obtained by concatenating the parameters wmid, bwmid, t with the character; (semicolon) as a separator
out result format
callback function name for JSONP

Request example:

Returned data:

Parametr Type Description
retval int Error code
ctenders array List of applications

Error codes:

Code Description
0 Success
5 No access. No access. The request was issued not by the WMID of the signer of the request..
1 The signature is not correct.
51 The request time (parameter t) is very different from the current time.
52 The signer`s WMID passport is lower than personal.
53 Failed to get request signer WMID information.
54 The WMID parameter has an invalid format.

Application parameters:

Parametr Type Description
ctenderData object Loan parameters.
CreditStatus object The borrower's credit status.
AttData object Data from the borrower's passport.
ztenders array Counter requests for a loan from the WMID owner who sent the request. Present only if the request is not for a list of valid applications, but for one loan application (tid >0)

Loan parameters:

TenderID int Application number.
WMID string The borrower's WMID.
CAmount amount The amount to be refunded.
ZAmount amount The amount received (loan amount).
ZAmount_Ready amount The amount already collected. The amount of all counter requests.
Period int The loan term is in days.
Expire int The validity period of the application is in days.
State int Application status.
DateCrt date The date the application was created.
DateUpd date The date of the last change in the status of the application.
Purpose string Description of the purpose of the loan.
Guarantee string Description of the return guarantees.
Address string Additional coordinates for communication.
Recomend string Description of recommendations.
IsMult bool true - equity participation in the loan issuance is possible.
CPurse string purse for registering debt obligations
WMTranID int The number of the borrowed funds receipt transaction. If 0 - funds have not been received yet.
IpAddress string the ip address from which the application was placed

Application statuses:

Value Description
0 new
1 not filled yet
2 ready for calculations (filled in)
3 calculations are in progress
4 calculations are completed
5 deleted
6 expired
11 waiting for the acceptance of the contract by the borrower
51 the application is being deleted