Invoice generation for withdrawing USDT

  • URL for sending requests – https://wmt.webmoney.com/api/v2/WithdrawCreate.ashx
  • method – POST
  • Content-type: application/json
  • Accept: application/json
  • Accept-Language: ru or en
  • request format:
    {"wmid":"wmid", "address":"address", "amount":"amount", "blockchain":"blockchain", "ticks":ticks}
  • request parameters:
    name purpose comment
    wmid WMID of the user for which the invoice is being generated 12 digits
    address Address in the blockchain that will be used to withdraw string
    blockchain The name of blockchain that will be used to withdraw String, valid value ETH, BSC,TRX
    amount Amount to return from keeping decimal
    ticks Number of 100-ns intervals that occurred since 12:00:00 midnight 1 January 0001 Gregorian before the time the query was executed integer
  • For authentication in the AuthData header, pass a string in the format:
  • AuthData parameters:
    name purpose comment
    wmid Signer's WMID 12 digits
    sign Request signature. Formed from the following parameters - wmid + ":" + address + ":" + amount + ":" + param.ticks string
  • response format:
    {"WmInvId":"WmInvId", "amountWM":"amountWM", "retval":retval, "retdesc":"retdesc"}
  • response properties:
    name purpose comment
    WmInvId Invoice number integer
    amountWM Amount of funds WebMoney decimal
    retval Execution code integer
    retval Execution code meaning - text description of the code in Accept-Language string
  • execution codes:
    5 Invalid signature
    70000001 Invalid address format
    70000002 Is allowed no more than 5 digits decimal places
    70000003 Amount is too low
    70000004 Withdraw to this address isn`t possible
    70000005 Withdraw to this address isn`t possible
    70000006 Limit has been exceeded
    70000007 There is an unpaid invoice. Pay or cancel.
    70000008 There are unfinished withdrawals. Wait.
    70000009 Withdrawing to this address isn`t possible.
    70001000 InternalError

See also: API WMF